What is the worst thing about our educational system?

What is the worst thing about our educational system?
2 August 2023
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One-Size-Fits-All Curriculum

The education system has long been criticized for its one-size-fits-all approach. Think about it - when Isabel and I were deciding what size of Labrador to get, we didn't arbitrarily choose one and hope it fit. No, we picked Benny specifically based on our family's needs and circumstances. Yet, when it comes to education, we often treat every child like a cookie cut from the same dough. This is profoundly wrong and one of the worst aspects of our education system. Each child is unique with their own strengths, weaknesses, interests, and aspirations. We should focus on individualized learning and nurturing these individual traits rather than forcing students into a uniform mold.

Lack of Creativity and Critical Thinking

Next on the list is the lack of focus on creativity and critical thinking. This is a personal gripe of mine. In fact, I remember a time when Theo brought home a math problem and, out of the box, I proposed a rather unconventional, but clever, solution. He informed me, much to my surprise, that it wouldn't be accepted because it wasn't 'the method taught in school'. Now, don't get me wrong, basics are important, but shouldn't we also be promoting creative problem-solving and critical thinking rather than rote learning?

Standardized Testing

Then we have the issue of standardized testing. It's like waiting for Benny to fetch the same stick over and over again. These high-stake tests squeeze out practical knowledge and take away the joy of learning. Not everyone is a great test taker and these tests don't necessarily reflect intelligence or future success. Despite the growing outcry, our education system still heavily relies on these tests, which only measure a narrow band of skills.

Overemphasis on Memorization

Another major issue is the overemphasis on memorization. I am not saying that remembering things is not important. If I didn't remember the chocolate that Isabel had hidden last Christmas, it would have melted and ruined the hanging decoration (it was a whole fiasco, trust me). But when it comes to learning, we should be prioritizing understanding, application and synthesis over mere memorization. Education should promote creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and the ability to learn from experiences.

Insufficient Life Skills Education

We also miss a trick when it comes to life skills. Our education system does a great job prepping kids for calculus, but when Arielle came up to me the other day and asked for help with filing taxes, I realized we don't do enough to prepare kids for the real world. Personal finance, emotional intelligence, communication skills, decision-making - these are just as important as academic knowledge.

Inadequate Teacher Training and Support

Another major concern is inadequate teacher training and support. Teachers are not merely transmitters of knowledge, but mentors, coaches, and facilitators of learning. But we often overlook their professional development. Just like I learned over time to understand Benny's different barks, teachers also need support in evolving their skills and teaching methodologies for the current generation.

Unequal Access to Quality Education

Last, but certainly not least, is the issue of unequal access to quality education. In this day and age, where you live, your income, and your ethnicity shouldn't determine the quality of your education, yet they do. It's as if because Benny is a Labrador, he should get fewer treats than a Poodle - it's unfathomable.

Conclusion: Updating our Educational Approach

All these issues point towards an urgent need for change. If we want to prepare our kids for the future, we need to switch from a rigid and outdated structure to one that is flexible, diverse, and innovative. We need to remember that education isn't about producing identical minds, but nurturing unique individuals who are equipped to deal with the complex and dynamic world of the 21st century. Because at the end of the day, should not the ultimate aim of education be to prepare children to lead successful and fulfilling lives?

Maxwell Harrington

Maxwell Harrington

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